Have you ever wondered why some buyers like to buy existing homes?  It’s because most builders don’t follow through with their commitments.  I’ve personally been through the ringer when I bought a new construction home.  For example, I had a window that was leaking water inside my home and it took the builder months to fix it!  In addition, I had several other issues and had to write a certified letter to the builder in order to receive a response.  Guess what?  My issues were still not resolved!  As a Realtor who cares deeply about our client’s experiences, I knew something had to change.

But finally, a builder who cares even after the home is closed — Handmade Homes! Handmade Homes has rolled out the best thing to hit the new construction home market since mortgages! The Handmade Homes team offers a “Quality Assurance Program” .  This means they follow up with the homebuyer throughout the first year to make sure that the buyer is happy and satisfied.  Most other builders try to avoid the homebuyer until the one year warranty is over, but not Handmade Homes!  They’re going to be there for their clients long after the home warranty period is over.  That’s what Damian is all about.  Not only does Handmade Homes build a great home but they show something that is not a standard in the industry, INTEGRITY!  Handmade Homes owner, Damian Heim, knows all about commitment and honor.  He is a Marine Veteran and has built a strong business serving Edmond, Yukon, Mustang, Piedmont, OKC and other surrounding areas.  His process is streamlined and simple.  I highly recommend talking to your builder to ensure they have the same standards.   Will they honor your home warranty?